This may be the most unaware answer to a question by a pretentious ass that I have ever read.

Bill Gates can create as much carbon emissions as he wants because, well, he is rich!

A lot of lefty rich weasels will “offset” their destruction of the planet by planting trees, slapping few solar panels on their mansions or some other indirect way, hardly a sacrifice.

I can drive a diesel and “roll coal” as long as I recycle my beer cans!!!

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Look no further than the global warming disciples that have multiple homes and heated pools. The carbon footprint of those preaching the green are the worst offenders.

I’m going to roll coal and still have a smaller carbon footprint they they will ever have. This is the supreme leftist ideology. I’m not the problem, you are the problem. I need to make sure to don’t boil water on a gas stove while I heat my fucking pool with natural gas. Suck my nut sack!

I know some greenies and man they hate it when I call them out on their hypocrisy.

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But that’s okay because they care more, with the left rhetoric is more important than results.

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