Battery Capacity

My iPhone is almost three years old. It charges to one hundred percent but its battery capacity is 88 percent of what it was new. It is an iPhone 12 and I was able to update it to the latest operating system.

At what battery capacity should I get a new iPhone?

88% doesn’t seem bad for three years, though I don’t have an iPhone.

I would say keep it until the reduced battery life starts to get inconvenient. If you need it to last a day, but it only lasts six hours, then maybe it’s time.

I look for phones to last about four years.

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Maybe see how much it would cost to buy a new battery and have it installed.

Rather than going to an Apple store, may not be to expensive to go to a place like this.

They are located throughout the country.

Under 80% you have time

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Agreed. Make it a practical standard and not arbitrary industry information.

Another possibility is to buy a portable battery. There are small versions that will fit in a purse or glove box and extend useful battery time.

Would need to be charged up overnight every few days.

I was proud of myself for making my previous phone last 5 years. The battery was down to 78% capacity or so, but the computer hardware still worked great.

What made me switch ultimately was that the lightning port wore out. Wouldn’t take a charge because any movement of the cable would break the connection.

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That is a really good idea.
My son did that with his old phone

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Good point, a decent power bank is cheap and small. I have a 40,000mAh power bank that has 30w fast charging, 2 USB and a USB-c outlet that works great and was under $30 at Amazon.


Do you mind sharing the brand when you get a chance to look? I’ll soon be in the market for one myself.

Separate note, I just remembered I got a phone case with a built in portable battery. It worked well enough for me, but there were two downsides:

  1. Bulky.
  2. It was cheap Chinese :poop:, so it wore out in a few months.

I suspect there may be more expensive options that would hopefully last longer.

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The one I bought is about twice as big as a cell phone, but should be able to charge a phone or tablet 7 or 8 times. We use it for power outages and long trips, 10,000 mAh hours would be plenty for daily use, pretty small and under $15. The one I have has 30w USB-c fast charging which is nice.

I know my son like Anker.

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In case you don’t believe in planned obsolescence, the soldered in battery is more evidence. Early on most cell phones had a replaceable battery. You’d buy a few extra and you never had to worry about your phone dying. And then, in 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone with the soldered in battery. Most Androids had replaceable batteries but now the copy-cat companies follow what Apple does. If you look hard you can still find phones with swap out batteries. I’m using a Motorola Moto E6. It’s a low end Android but it does have a removable battery. I’ve got extra batteries in my car, Harley, boat, house.

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