BANK RUN! Customers Line Up Outside First Republic Bank Branches

Customers across California lined up outside branches of First Republic Bank to withdraw their money. The bank run came over fears that First Republic might suffer the same fate as Silicon Valley Bank. Shares of First Republic tumbled 51% to $47.25 at 9:49 a.m. Friday in New York, while PacWest dropped 37%, triggering trading halts for both.

What’s ironic is the run is what made svb fail

Well;…you seem to believe it was until you found out about the real culprit - woke policies.

I don’t know they went 8 months without a cro. Who was running the show? That’s insane

So why are folks lining up outside the bank… I am confused.

No bank has that kind of money in cash.
Are they certain a check won’t bounce.

Would going on line be just as good?
What do you think?