Bad Fathers day gifts

We use Big O Tires (formerly NTB) for a lot of our tire needs.
I just got an email from them about Fathers Day gift ideas.

If my kids got me a Fathers Day gift from a tire place I would disown them!!

My cousin worked for General Tire and he told me that General made the Big-O tires.

My kids don’t get me shit for Father’s Day, but we’re not big on fake holidays in my house. I tell my son and daughter the best present they can get me is don’t get pregnant nor anybody else pregnant.


Tires would be a good gift, better than a tie. My kid got me a bottle of bourbon a couple years ago when he was 20, my wife asked how he was able to buy it. We just looked at her and poured a couple shots.

I just put General Ultimax tires on my suv and really like them. Better priced and super traction. Supposedly they are really good in snow. They’re great in rain

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