Babylon Bee - how Christian are they?

So someone on another website posted this meme from the Babylon Bee

It was my understanding that the Babylon Bee is a Christian Satire site. And that’s great, Christians need to laugh too, but given the teachings of Christ…did anyone tell them what “Let’s Go Brandon” means? I mean, I think I read in some book that is popular among Christians that “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.”

So the Bee says “Fuck Joe Biden”…would they say the same thing to Christ?

Lol…still butt hurt about LGB. You lefties crack me up, btw do you cry a lot KC? You seem like the type.

Thanks KC. I’m going to abandon & ostracize the BB from now on, because they joked about a euphemistic phrasing from the general population (the horror).

I’ll go find a liberal publication that is not a 10x bigger hypocrite. I’ll let you know when I’ve found one, maybe in about 10 years.

I wonder how KC feels about Christian democrat politicians that are anti-life?

Sometimes KC just gets weird.

Let’s Go Brandon is an amazing moniker…when I first heard my Trumper buddies talking about it morning after that Nascar race I knew it would stick for months or longer. Turns out it’ll stick for 4 years.

They’re demonstrating their Christian love and compassion.

Weird? I just thought it was unusual that a Christian entity would promote something with vulgar undertones

Babylon Bee is satire.

My point is - it’s CHRISTIAN satire site. Just found it odd that a Christian affiliated site would be promoting a phrase that translates to a vulgarity.

Christians use euphemisms all the time. Dad gummit. What the heck.

You’re dramatizing nothing.

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Remember Beemer that KC is a Liberal homer and he obviously can’t talk up the current administration. He has to find something to post about 30 times per day or he will never get to 50k posts.

So…if a good Christian is being satiric, “fuck Joe Biden” is okay? Just seems a bit odd. I’m sure that some Christian family somewhere had to pause when their youngster asked them what let’s go Brandon means. Why son, ha ha ha …it means fuck Joe Biden…har har har. I don’t see it.


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