Awesome Photos

Murray the K (Murray Kaufman) dancing with the Ronnetts in New York City

bridge, I had this LP for a very long time (but now gone).


@jimtoo - Murray the K was my favorite radio DJ during the sixties. He was known for his clever submarine race watching jokes. This is an example - A boy and girl were on a date and the guy asked if she believes in a hereafter. When she said she doesn’t know what that means he replied if you aren’t here after what I am here after, you are going to be here after I am gone. :grinning:

The Second Madison Square Garden 1890-1925

The Second Madison Square Garden and my childhood home have something in common. Both were designed by the architect Stanford White.

Photo of the the main lobby in the original Penn Station Train Terminal in NYC. I think it was one of the worst architectural mistakes ever made when NYC tore down this beautiful building in the sixties and replaced it with the current Penn Station.

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