Auto safety recall

My BMW is one of almost a million BMWs affected by a PVC safety recall. The recall was issued in March but there is still no remedy for the problem.

Cars with this problem cannot be legally sold for safety reasons until BMW has a remedy for it but the dealer said it is ok to drive it. However, if I smell smoke I should turn the engine off and get out of the car as soon as possible. Would you drive the car under these conditions!

Once they are able to repair it I would have to take the expressway to get to the nearest dealer to have it fixed. Do I have the right to have it towed at that time since it would be a disaster if something happened while I am on the expressway.

I know you have to go to a BMW dealer to have it fixed for free but could a local mechanic obtain the part when it becomes available and repair it

There was a similar recall in 2019 which I complied with. However, in spite of doing that in 2019. I need to have it done again because that does not negate this new safety recall.

Does anyone have an answer for any of my questions

It’s the PCV valve, positive crankcase ventilation. I spent a few minutes looking and couldn’t find any numbers on actual fires caused by this. If it was a big problem, the info would be easy to find. I would listen to the dealer, keep driving, and not worry about it. Just my two cents worth.

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Don’t park in the garage or near a house.

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…or next to a gas pump.

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Thanks for the responses

Branchkin - it is the PCV heater valve. There was a previous recall on this in 2019 which I had taken care of at the time. However, that recall repair has now been recalled.

If at first they don’t succeed…

I finally found there has only been reports of 8 fires and no injuries. The recall is for close to a million vehicles. The odds are in BridgeMaven’s favor. As I said before, don’t worry about it, I’m sure you will be contacted when replacement parts are available. You are probably in much greater danger from an accident.

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Has any one ever had a recall repair done by a local mechanic instead of the dealer because the nearest dealer was much further and you needed to drive on an expressway to get there with a car that has a safety issue. I realize that it is free if done by the dealer and I would have to pay to have it done by a local mechanic but are there any other disadvantages.

If the parts are in short supply, the local guy is probably going to have a much longer wait to get them. Especially since it will probably on be available through the dealer. Otherwise just the cost.

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If the car is under a warranty, having it repaired at a non-authorized facility could void the warranty.

wmj - My BMW is no longer under warranty but when it was I was so concerned about that policy I took it to the dealer for everything including oil changes

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