Augusta Nobodies?

Aside from Tiger (Tied at 41 out of 52) seems no one is recognizable except Bubba Watson (not really in the hunt). Jordan Spieth did not make the cut.
Now I do not follow golf that closely, but in the past it seems I would at least recognize a half dozen or so.

How things have changed from the Days of Trevino, Palmer, Nicholas. I use to Follow Fuzzy Zoeller (always good for a laugh) when the tour played at the Atlanta Country Club.

A Group of us from the Office went on Fridays… less crowded and wanted to see who made or missed the cut… only occasionally would I return on Sunday… much more crowded.

A lot of new good young players out there. Scheffler is the #1 ranked player so he would be familiar if you followed golf.

I really want Cameron Smith to continue to do well.
Just for the hair and mustache.

Too many robots on the PGA tour. Need personalities like in the old days.

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I like Gary Player literally advertising the start up rival.