I’m looking at an Audi A5 sport coupe. Any opinions? I love my Tesla but they’re giving me a good trade in deal.

Since Elon dropped prices, the Tesla is actually under water at this point. They’re supposed to drop again which is irritating for my resale value.

Audi is giving me 36k for it. Tesla would give me maybe 29-30k.

That’s a great looking car. I’ve considered it, or the sportback, but my car is only 8.

My wife had a 1990 Audi that we drove for 8 years. My wife loved it, but decided she had to go to an SUV. She went with an Infiniti that she drove for 13 years, bought another on that is now 12…

I normally keep my car ten years. I’ve had the Tesla for 3. Love it but the Audi is a great deal. Not sure if I’d like it long term but it’s a good looking car. I’m so spoiled with the driver assist features of the Tesla.

I tried to talk my wife into my getting an Audi R8 or Nissan GT-R, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

I really like the styling and performance blend of Audi cars. I am waiting to see what the new A6 e-tron looks like before I make my decision on my next car. Its either going to be that or the e-tron GT.

Based on the how close they seem to pass cyclists, I believe Audi is an acronym for Assholes Usually Drive It. Not sure why, but pickup trucks are the worst, but Audi’s run a close second.

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I went with the audi. It seems like such a downgrade from the Tesla.

My main motivation was Tesla keeps dropping their prices which is dropping the resale value. I was starting to go underwater. The most recent quote said 31K and I owed about 31K. Audi gave me 38K and another 4K off the car.
When the cybertruck comes out. I will be purchasing that.

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IMO vehicle value doesn’t matter if you keep it 10 years, drive what you like.

Audi’s are nice, but can get expensive to maintain after 4 or 5 years.

Normally that’s my plan but electric cars are still evolving. I was going to trade it in for a cyber truck but not sure when I’ll feel comfortable switching or when they’ll be available

You bought your Tesla before I did, didn’t you? How would you still owe $31K on it? Get a really long loan?

It was 60k when I bought it. I did do a 72 month loan. Don’t realize that. So I was a little under half paid for.

I plan to get another. Why I was concerned with the price drops.

Oh, my whole loan was only $40K and since I had just paid off my house, I put it on a 3-year loan, so just a year to go. They had a bunch of price increases after I bought mine, then the drops. I think the base price of mine was $35K.

I had the fsd and the long range.

Fsd won’t transfer car to car. That was disappointing

Just seeing how the cruise control works makes me less inclined to try FSD. The car sees ghosts.

I use to get a lot of phantom braking. Recently I’ve had zero issues with it.

buy a Mazda and save money long term