Are you a tough Marker?

I get daily emails on Free Books on Kindle every Day from Bookbub and FreeBooksie and BargainBooksie(Cheap but not free).

So many free books so little time.
Anyway the first cut is the subject matter.
For me, it is Legal, Adventure, some Mystery.

Second Cut: at least 50% 5 star on Amazon.
It is surprising how many “Free” Books get 5 star reviews.
I seldom give a 5. I list and rate the books myself.
A 4 or 4.5 will likely prompt me to spend a few bucks on another by the same Author.

The good news is that follow ons to free books are generally under $5.

There are several authors that started me Free that i read/bought all of the series.

I’m honored that you gave mine one of your rare 5s.

There’s certainly inflation in some ratings. The free ones may be self-published authors doing promotions and it’s possible many of the reviews are from their friends. Mine had all 5-star ratings until recently. I just got 3 on the memoir. Oh well, at least they read it.

Some people are just haters

Meh. It was a rating, not a full review, so I don’t know the reason(s). It may not have matched their experience or something. I’ve heard good things from two different people recently, so I know it has helped some.

Does Amazon treat "ratings without Reviews different than those with Reviews?

If I do not feel strong enough to offer a review, I also do not rate.

Every time I finish a book on my Kindle, it gives me the opportunity to give a rating. I rarely write reviews. Both are counted in the average rating calculation, but the reviews have text with explanations. As far as I know,that’s the only difference.

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