Are the Beatles Overrated?

I read an article recently that said the Beatles are overrated? What do you think.

In my opinion, the Beatles had some excellent innovative ideas such as their Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album which addresses many different kinds of loneliness. I, also, like many of their songs. However, I can think of a number of other musical groups that are just as good as the Beatles and a few that I consider to be even better.

The Beatles are the ones that started the “British invasion” when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show back in 1964.

I have a few friends that are HUGE Beetles fans.
I try to tick them off by asking if they are the band that copied the Monkees.

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My favorite groups are The Bee Gees and Simon and Garfunkel.

Simply put, the Beatles cannot be overrated because it is them and then everyone else.

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Pop culture obsession driven by national media.

They were ok… Nothing spectacular.

Payless - I am old enough to have seen the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964

I used to watch the Ed Sullivan show growing up. Can’t remember if I saw their first appearance on the show.

I liked the Beatles but was not fanatical about it. Did not really care for their solo careers, especially Paul McCartney.

This would be my favorite song from the Beatles.

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Always more of a Beach Boys fan than Beatles.

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branchkin - I, also, loved the Beach Boys :grinning:

Speaking my language!!!

Two cool versions of that song.

Here’s Jake Shimabukuro, doing his famous version of it on the ukulele:

And here are some of the best guitar players in the world doing it, Prince coming in at the end and blowing them all away.

What impressed me about the Bee Gees is that even though the band was formed in 1958 and they wrote and performed rock and roll songs during the sixties, they were talented enough to adapt to Disco during the late seventies by writing and performing the songs for the movie Saturday Night Fever. In addition, most of the Bee Gee’s songs are thought provoking, as well as entertaining.

There was a big anti-disco wave in the early 80s, with some radio stations using it as a marketing ploy, “Bee Gee free weekends” and such. But songs that didn’t have their names on them, but were still their songs (like “Islands In the Stream”) were still very popular.

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Their actual musical talents may not of put them at the very top, but their influence upon just about all popular music that followed is unequaled.

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That is a very valid statement

There was a disco demolition in Chicgo’s Comiskey park that went terribly wrong.

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