So how long until the media begins their apology tour to Rand Paul?

And admit to at Fauci is completely, 100% full of shit?

and this is why the lab escape theory holds some water.

Basically, what they were testing is what magically broke in the wild. I find that hard to believe.

I’m sure the fans of Fauci will be along any minute to defend their hero.

Go to CNN’s website an search “Fauci” or “Gain of funciton” and nothing about this comes up.

Within the last 2-3 days the NIH has altered their website to no longer use the words “Gain of Function”, but to now use the acronym “ePPP”.

This thread explains another reason why some people are not getting vaccinated. It is hard to accept medical advice from Fauci when he has a history of being dishonest. In addition, with the government encouraging illegal aliens to cross the border and then transporting them all over the country without being vaccinated, it makes it look as if our federal government is not taking the Covid pandemic seriously.

Lefties will excuse lies from Fauci and other “experts” and say the information changed so it’s not really a lie.

As I stated before. I got the vaccine, not because I trusted Fauci, but because I trusted the Pharma companies.

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Nothing on MSNBC either.

Or ABC news.