Anyone here own a camper?

Wife and I decided to get a camper to have weekend adventures. We have a truck to pull just about any monster out there. I am wanting to keep it fairly basic because the point of going camping is not to take you house with you and spend your time outdoors. Anyone out there have extensive advise in owning and using camper? I have found some pretty nice used ones in the $12-18K range.

We were “half ass” looking at them about a year ago.
There is an app similar to autotrader that is helpful.

You can rent them. That isn’t always a bad option. You can rent one close to where you’re going use and then return it.

My family has always owned a camper. I personally find them uncomfortable in my older age and just rent a cabin where we go out.

This reminds me of a funny story. Years ago someone asked us if we liked to go camping. My husband’s response was “BridgeMaven’s idea of camping is staying at a three star hotel when there is a four star hotel in the area” :grinning:

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