Anybody here do Crossfit or Orangetheory?

I’ve come to realize that the only healthy thing I do is mountain biking, last year I literally ran 45 miles. I took a cruise last week and did a couple Orangetheory type workout classes with friends and it’s tailor made for me, 45 intense minutes and DONE! Does anybody have experience with these types of programs and did you stick with it?

I have never even heard of Orangetheory.
I go to a small gym for the classes.
I lift twice a week, do a circuit training/medium cardio twice a week, and yoga once a week.
I usually hit one or two “extra” cardio days at night if I find the time.

I do CrossFit. Go download the level 1 trainer guide. It’ll explain why CrossFit is valuable

I’ve done some CrossFit, think it’s a little intense for me.

Scale it.

It’d good for you because it’s intense.

Im all about high impact exercise, it’s the best way the body gets stronger. I’m just more concerned about getting injured and missing time. It’s why I don’t do gap jumps or 8 foot drops. I’m not afraid of the experience, I’m afraid of missing months on the bike with a broken collarbone.

But I am planning on doing a couple CrossFit and orange theory classes. For people that don’t know, ORT is basically a tamer version of Xfit. 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off and you wear a HR strap to know what zone you’re in.

That’s why you scale.

Let me know what you think of ot. I’ve tonight about hitting it up when I travel. In Oregon there is one about two miles from home.

I’m a level 1 CrossFit instructor. Here is the downside to CrossFit. It’s an ideology. It’s not a program. As such one box may be lifting Olympic heavy weights all day. Just constantly.

Another box may only do body weight with the occasional weights.

I’ve went to three different boxes. Box one was ran by kelly Jackson who’s a beast. We did Olympic weights every class.

Box two was in Chicago. It was a radical mix of variation. They had a level 3 coach design all the classes. Lots of kettles.

The box I’m at how is fairly tame. It’s more fitness focused. We do a structured program. We use more dumbbells than barbells. The chiro who owns it feels dumb bells are safer for most moves. If you are going to drop it. You’re less likely to hurt anyone.

So three boxes and three very different styles. Why I don’t go when I travel because I don’t know their method.

The first gym had a lot of drops in because Kelly is nationally ranked and known but most people could not keep up.

Second box people could keep up.

Third, it’s structured. So most people can keep up but they won’t get why they’re doing what they’re doing.

That’s one thing I could prefer about ORT, consistency. I travel a lot and can workout at any gym nationwide, maybe worldwide if they have gyms. It’s a little cheaper too…if I like it I’ll sign up for I’ll sign up for the 8 workouts per month program for $110 per month. Trial workout is tomorrow, so we’ll see.

That’s why I’ve considered it for travel. That way I can just show up and workout.

CrossFit that can be harder. You show up and they have moves you’ve never done.