Anybody having problems?

Anybody besides imabass having any serious weather problems?
My sink at my basement bar had a frozen pipe (I left it running, but my son used it and turned it off because I didn’t tell him to leave it on), kept a space heater on it for about two days and it thawed out.
Other than that nothing major here, the energy company is doing rolling blackouts, but we have not been hit yet, it may be because we are on the same grid as a Kohl’s distribution center, but that is just a guess.

Around here on the coldest night there was plenty of power to keep all the homes running. Then 7 am when people are going to work and firing up the heaters, lights, coffee pots, etc in the office buildings and box box stores, then they were forced to do power outages.

I live in a very old farm house that we are fixing up. It is build on the stem wall and crawl space. My shower drain was frozen yesterday. Easy enough to thaw out but a inconvenience. Lucky for me there is an access door within arms reach of that drain and I didn’t have to crawl under the house. That is tough to do when you are bundled up in coverall and heavy coat.

The other big issue I had was my furnace condensation line freezing up where it exits the house. A huge block of ice formed and blocked the exit. This shut down the furnace. The first time, I spent some time outside thawing it out. The second time, I found a 5 gallon bucket and bypasses the condensation line to bucket in the house by the furnace. The furnace is producing about 5 gallons of water per day.

Yeah, it’s 40 degrees today. I almost put on a sweater.

My Uncle is a minister at a huge church in south Houston area. The power was out at the church for a while and it froze the water fire sprinklers in the ceilings. My guess is he is going to have a multi million dollar insurance claim. Its a BIG church with over 5 thousand members.

If they shut the water off before the sprinklers thawed and the water started gushing through them, there shouldn’t be too much damage. The amount of water in the pipes is fairly small.

My daughter was sent home from work today because the city shut off gas to the factory. My company told us all to work from home (as though most of us weren’t already) to save gas.

I was commuting into Texas for work. Didn’t even make it 200 miles.

I had planned for dangerous road conditions by packing up with winter clothes, assorted tools, bottled water, battery packs, & flashlights – in a small SUV w/ 4WD.

What I did not foresee is the utilities meltdown. Waited it out for a bit in my interim stop & then turned around & went back home.

Many of my coworkers that live local to where I work have been without power and water for days. I’ve been telling them to prepare an escape plan. The power is slowly coming back on…just in time for another snowfall.

My brother, who lives in Austin TX, lost power a few days ago, got it back for a short period yesterday, and then lost power again.

When power went out locally the other day, the water stopped flowing at my MIL house. No power to run the water pumps that supplied her side of the town. Who knows how many frozen pipes there are going to be.

Yes my colleagues are worried about this too. As the water starts flowing & temps get above freezing, they’ll likely see lots of leaks.

I felt bad for not coming into town to try to help, but I realized I could not do much other than hand out half a dozen cases of bottled water. Then I would end up becoming yet another stranded tenant in need of help due to blackouts, closed grocery stores, and mile-long gas lines.

I really do wish they would make a run for it and wait out the craziness. Most Texas towns will each be a zoo for the next week or so.

My grandson and son in law were at the grandparents near San Antonio during all that. They had cold temps, but they did have electricity…however, they didn’t have water for 3 days. I had a 45 minute blackout in the morning when it was bad. It happened around 7 as it was off when I got up but my coffee had brewed. But it was merely warm, and I like HOT coffee. I survive.

Have you been on your bike lately? I went out two days this week for short rides.

Winter feels like it broke here in GA, was 75 today. Going mountain biking for a couple days in Florida, high of 83.

MOnday, Tuesday and Wednesday…I have 65 miles total for those days. We are riding at 9 tomorrow and I should get about another 20. Tuesday was incredible. I wore shorts and a short sleeve jersey with a compression shirt under it. When we stopped for lunch, I took off the windbreaker. And just one week earlier it was below zero. Right now I have 126 miles for the month and 328 for the year.

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We did 37 miles today. Started out cool and foggy but when the fog lifted it got warm fast.

Mountain Biking in Florida. That’s hilarious. Florida is about 350 miles long, 150 miles wide and a foot high. There was a small town on a lake near where I lived named Mt. Dora. I used to think that they should print T-shirts promoting “Ski Mount Dora”. Perhaps they have.

THe highest point in Kansas is Mount Sunflower. Here’s a picture of the summit

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Wow, a real nosebleed peak… time to wax up the skis! Someone once remarked that you could sit on your porch in Kansas and watch you dog runaway for 3 days.

In western Kansas you could. On the other hand, Eastern Kansas is surprisingly hilly.

I lived in Colorada Springs for quite some in time in the later 60s and early 70s. My wife had relatives in Arkansas. We made a 4 or 5 trips across eastern CO and across Kansas until Wichita, then south into OK as I remember. Flat and usually windy, but you could make good time back in the more lax highway speed days.

It was quite different from what im used to, hitting palm fronds on the trails was weird. The elevation change was about 50 feet and it was only that much because the place was formerly a quarry. The place we rode is really known as a jump park and I’m a tad old for the extreme jumping.