Any opinions on these cars

Does anyone have an opinion on these cars?

Acura TLX with AWD and tech package

Subaru Legacy

Camry with AWD

Look at Youtube… lots of reviews but no head to head comparisons some to the Accord but not the Acura.

I have a 2017 Subaru Forester. I bought it because in 2017 the Forester had more advanced Electronics than the Honda CRV.
Also the Forester has better visibility. I have some peripheral vision issues and the increased visibility and Blndside monitoring were very important.

I see you want AWD… it is nice even in GA.

Have you compared the electronics?

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My last Camry lasted 15.5 years with almost no problems.

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My sister in law has driven Camry’s for 30 years and loves them, she’s never had an issue with quality or breakdowns. She buys the mid level package with 2 wheel drive so I’m not sure about the AWD.

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