Any One In Here In The Claims Business

I would like to know if insurance adjusters ( or the police) can take recorded statements with their phones.

That varies by state. Some states say both parties must consent, other states say one party.

This seems to capture it.

Jim: I know about convent etc.

I was wondering if the adjusters find it convenient to just use their cell phone or an separate voice recorder.

Typically the police use a second recorder. Otherwise the phone can be seized as evidence. Since departments rarely issue phones. Who wants to lose their phone?

I had not thought of that.

I will have been retired 20 years as of June 30, 2024.

At the time of my retirement we were usuing tape recorders.

I now see that there are solid state recorders that allow you to off load the recorders to your PC vis Google drive and from there you can transcribe the staement.

I suspect that is the norm.

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