Any LastPass Users?

I was reviewing this was a buddy of mine. That’s a very targeted attack by the criminals. They did their homework for sure. The employee should be fired for accessing highly-sensitive company resources from their personal computer.

That’s beyond irresponsible. I work at home often, sometimes using sensitive student data. But when I do, I’m securely logged into my work computer and anything I save is saved to the server on campus.

I agree. I also feel that way about employees who click on email links in phony emails that open their employers’ computers to hacking.

Although I am not employed, I have about 50 passwords for assorted accounts and web sites. My password storage is on a sheet of paper, kept on hand when we are here and filed in a cabinet with a few thousand other sheets of paper when we are not here. My problem is always trying to remember where I filed when we return.

Have to disagree a little with this.
Depends on how good of a firewall and training they the employer has.
I work with some very computer illiterate people so I am thankful that our firewalls are really good.

I’m surprised at how often otherwise very smart people fall for these.

I used LP for a few years. Then, on Leo Laportes (computer guru, podcaster) advice, I switched to Bitwarden. I am very happy with it and think it’s more secure than LP.

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