Another one bites the dust; Josh McDaniels canned

Edit: Here is a great article written after the Raiders lost to Detroit but before McDaniels got his pink slip.

Stupid enough to hire McDaniels after his history, you probably deserve it.

I’d still like to have his severance package

If some reports are to be believed, the Raiders are one of the more cash-poor franchises. Many were speculating that Mark Davis wouldn’t fire McDaniels because he would then have to pay the remainder of his contract.

Apparently, he now holds the record as the only coach to be fired before the end of his second season by two different teams.

I can’t think of any reason anyone thought he would succeed.

More on Josh McDaniels:

Obviously that clear-the-air meeting didn’t work out so well for him.

McDaniels rivals Bob Knight for being petty.

But, at least he won’t be in the poor house.

Nothing like putting your ego over the team.

Raiders deserve what they get for hiring him in the first place. His track record was there for all to see.

I think we all saw this when he was hired.