Another Fauci lie, Redford is actually credible

From the article;

“Fauci insisted he kept open mind about the pandemic’s origins and was not responsible for inviting attendees to the call with virologists.”

There is literally a publicly available email chain between Fauci and Kristian Anderson where Fauci invites him to the meeting. It is also notable that Anderson stated that the virus was most likely lab created. It is also notable that after Anderson met with Fauci, Anderson referred to his own theory as crazy.

I have said from the beginning lab origins were the most likely cause of the outbreak.

I remember many of the liberals saying I was wrong because fauci said I was wrong.

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (Fauci lied but is no longer in that position),courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The thing is, Redfield is actually an expert in the field, with practical experience, not just as a desk jockey. And he was an early proponent of the lab leak theory.
Wonder why Fauci didn’t think to invite the head of the CDC to the meeting?

So you think it is OK that we relied heavily on a lying twit to form our policy throughout the most damaging world health crisis’ in our lifetime?

No. But what the fuck are we going to do about it…he’s retired…so will getting outraged really solve anything?

Most people I know in the field thought lab leak. The DOD training I attended said everything pointed to a lab leak.

The only person who didn’t think that was fauci

Make sure this type of idiocy never happens again.
We put way too much trust in “experts” who have zero practical knowledge in their alleged field.

Great. Forget Fauci and move forward. Focus on the events and don’t personalize it which seems to be the usual practice these days. Learn from what happened without mentioning the word “Fauci”

Here is the problem.
About half of the country still thinks Fauci is the best thing since sliced bread, so we need to keep hammering and hammering about how bad he was.

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His position now is that it wasn’t up to him to decide who should be invited or attend. Funny thing is as NIH director he held the grant purse strings.

Which is 100% bullshit.
There is literally an email cited by Vanity Fair of him inviting Kristian Anderson to the meeting. There is literally no reason to believe he was not capable of inviting the head of the CDC to the meeting.

Who cares what half the country thinks? He’s 81 years old retired…Harp all you want about changing protocols, but attacking a retired old man and reminding the county how shitty he was accomplishes - what?

You have been on a weeks long rant about Tucker’s lies, but they have zero effect on the country.
Fauci’s lies literally destroyed the economy.

First, nobody is “attacking” Fauci. He is not a martyr.
Second, it accomplishes a lot. Like ensuring that we don’t put this much faith in a charlatan again.

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Is that the same attitude you approach the topic of Trump with?

Jan 6th?

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Lefties should want to have a full and through investigation, if they’re right and Fauci did nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about.

Slouchy continues to try to lie his way out of it. That dawg don’t hunt! Oh but he didn’t have influence or whatever, to which I declare “Donkey Dung!” Not only did Slouchy have influence, he used US taxpayer funds to pay for Gain of Function research to create the stinking virus in the first place! And I will further speculate that it was not a “leak” it was DELIBERATE! A deliberately created disease was deliberately released in multiple places that is how it “spread” so fast; they spread it! Not only that, but it was out there in the wild in China months before it hit news.

How do you keep it from happening again? Well when crimes against humanity were done in WW II, the subsequent action was known as the Nuremburg trials. Slouchy needs to not retire peacefully, but to be tried for crimes against humanity and appropriately punished!

And that is where you cross the line.

Great. Turkey Carlson is still on the air every night and continuing to spread lies. My goal is to get that liar off the air. Fauci is retired so reminding everybody how shitty he is does - nothing. IF he were still in that postion -fight to get him to resign. But since he’s not there, it’e better to focus on the issue that bitch about the man.

And Fauci is still doing TV interview spreading his lies.

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