Another example of unintended consequences

The pandemic response hurt the most vulnerable.

We will be blaming everything from hangnails to mental illness on the Pandemic for years to come.

This is very easy to connect the dots.
And many of us said so in the beginning.

Yeah, i tend to blame individuals for their actions.

Parrot stated a fact.
It should not surprise anyone that folks would find other outlets.

You are the one seeing blame.

Huh? Parrot is the one casting blame here.

I will say that as i look at retirement i realize that there is nothing holding me back from drinking 7 days a week. If i become an alcoholic, should i blame myself or the FAA for providing me a retirement package where i dont have to work and i can afford all the booze i want?

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I tend to give addicts a few chances.
I worked in the field for several years.

This was easily foreseen.

Ya, I blame the morons who shut down all the face to face treatment for a gigantic rise in deaths due to substance abuse.

From the article…

“She added that the research points to a need to look at steps to reduce alcohol consumption, including increasing alcohol taxes and enacting measures that limit where people can buy beer, wine and liquor.”

Here come the alcohol police with the pretense of saving people from themselves.

I joined a widow’s support group on Facebook. One thing that has surprised me is the significant number of young people who have lost their spouses due to suicide, as well as consequences of being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Here comes the Government to claim that a tax is how we fix societies ills.

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I read where most young people start their habits from their parents liquor cabinet and the pharmaceuticals in their medicine cabinets.

I also read where you’re more likely to be killed by a family member, friend or acquittance than a stranger.

Don’t know, but that was statistics.

There are three women in my subdivision that were widowed under the age of 40, but not because of drugs or alcohol. One was killed in a work accident, one had an aneurysm and one cancer. All had kids, very sad.

Wow…despite the pandemic, Life’s been GREAT for me…Never been happier, despite being hit by a car in the middle of the pandemic.

I have been fine also.
You and I do not fall into the “vulnerable” category.

Hell man…I’m a senior citizen

In better shape than me!!
I don’t want to hear it!!

However, in the couples golf league my wife and I play on, I do tee off from the Senior tees, basically to keep up pace of play.

Im not saying we throw addicts away, I love a good comeback story.

My brother got a dui recently and I’m not throwing him away. I’m hoping this is a wake up call but if rock bottom is yet to come, I’ll be there for him.

Mistakes were made to be sure, thousands of them. But the only way an addict comes back is to realize they have one person to blame for their predicament. It’s not daddy and it’s not Fauci either.

About 20 years ago a buddy of mine got his third dui.
He lost his license for 6 months. He is a mobile x-ray tech.
So to keep his job, his mother had to move in with him and drive him in his x-ray van.
Unintentionally one of the most effective sentences a judge could impose!!