Another example of tipping getting ridiculous

Last night my daughter’s spring semester drum line season started, which means my bank account gets drained again. Last night the admission charge was $10 per person, which wasn’t as bad as some of the charges from the fall, so I can’t complain about that.

However, the food truck more than made up for that. We should have passed on it when we saw the prices, but my son was hungry so we went ahead. As an example, a regular sized hot dog cost $7, an order of fries was $7 and a bratwurst was $10. They didn’t have the prices for sodas listed, but I figured it couldn’t be that much. My bad, and my mistake for not asking in advance. The cost of one can of soda was $3. These prices were worse than what we pay at a professional sporting event. Plus, they charged $1 to use your credit card, which I am sure many people had to since with their prices cash could disappear in a hurry.

Total amount for three people: $50.

Then when I had finished placing my order and had to pay, well before I had received anything, the lady handed me the screen with optional tip amounts shown along with a no-tip option at the bottom. Needless to say, I chose no tip. They also had a tip jar out, which did not seem to have much in it.

Oh, and just in case anybody wonders, this was a regular truck where you stood in line to place your order, then waited for them to prepare it and then picked it up when they called you. Nobody waited on you at all.

I blame Biden.

Perhaps the food truck had to give the team a percentage of sales. Even if that’s the case, the prices are ridiculous.

Was this at a School Facility?

When my kids were in band, the school had a Stadium like seating and a Refreshment Stand, manned by parents. The prices were reasonable and the profits went mainly to the Athletic Dept.

The menu was limited, Burgers, Hot Dogs, chips (not fries) and Drinks, Candy Bars… easy to fix stuff.

It was at a school facility, but it was a separate business. I am guessing that BMW is right and that a part of the proceeds went to the organization. Still, the prices were ridiculous, as is the idea that I should tip somebody for preparing my order when I had to stand in line and then pick the order up.

I forgot to add that they also charged sales tax, which was 7.75% for Orange County, CA. That pretty much showed this was a separate business. At events where the school ran the fund raiser there is never a sales tax.

Went to see Rob Schneider at the factory in chesterfield.

The tickets were a gift. So no idea what they cost.

Bought 4 tamales and 3 corn. 53 dollars.

Each beer was 15.

I thought it was insane.

Was it a great hotdog or just a hotdog?
Three bucks for a pop is crazy from a food truck, IMO that’s gouging.

Our local microbrewery has food trucks a few nights a week and most of the ones we’ve tried have been above average food, a little high priced but not outrageous.

Just a regular hot dog. And, they were out of hot dog buns so it was on bread, as was the bratwurst. The lady did tell us that up-front, so we knew when we ordered.

I’d quit drinking before I paid $15 for a beer and I’m a borderline alcoholic. :smiley:

I haven’t been to a pro sporting event over the last 2 years, but a regular 16oz beer was $10 at Wrigley Field and the United Center in 2019. I think it was $12 for premium and imports

How does a hotdog truck run out of buns?
Our favorite food truck (Filipino food) often runs out or low on their egg roll type appetizer, but that’s because they’re really awesome. The guy said they can’t make enough, I told him he could just sell those and retire rich.

It’s these things, very tasty.

Update: I Googled the name of the business from the online receipt. It has its own web site:

The online menu and prices are exactly the same as what they had on-site at the school.

And, I was a bone-head for mising this earlier. The receipt referred to Orange County sales tax, but the school where the event was held is in Lake Elsinore in Riverside County.

I guess they still do not understand that Hot Dogs come in 10s, while the Buns come in 8s.

That higher Math will get you every time.
4 packs of Dogs need 5 packs of Buns.

OR the bread was much cheaper than the rolls… MORE PROFIT!!

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I didn’t see the menu, but the pictures looked good. If a regular dog was $7 the other sandwiches must have been close to $20.
Look here. The pictures make the size look a lot larger than actual.

Lol…I like the $13 grilled American cheese on white bread with a small fries. That has to be the biggest menu I’ve ever seen for a food truck .

Years ago I saw Phish and hippies were selling grilled cheese sandwiches for $2 in the parking lot. Good prices on weed and acid too.

Trust me, the food was overpriced and not worth it.

I just hope the school got a cut of the sales.

When my kid played tennis in high school at the weekend sports tournaments they’d sell Little Caesars pizza for $1.50 a slice or $10 for a whole pizza, I don’t think they got a special price on the pizza but made a 100% profit. They also sold premade Subway 6 inch subs that they got a deal on and made a couple bucks a sandwich. The big money maker was water and soda at a buck a bottle or can.

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