Another example of the NFL getting greedy - thinking about a Super Bowl in London now

How is the weather in London that time of year?

I hope the owners over ride this How about making it Saturday

If the owners think they can get more $$$, they are very apt to go along with it. They have already done that with other things that don’t help the product one bit and sometimes can be argued actually hurt it but help line their pockets more.

To be fair, the SuperBowl has been a corporate event for decades.
Attendance isn’t for any normal fan.

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Do you think playing the game in London with the time difference issue and in the lovely London weather in February is a good thing?

Edit: As the article states, it would be a night game. How would that night weather in London in February be?

I didn’t do all that deep thinking.
Although I would not mind the game starting at noon or three our time.
And, another thought, why not push the cost off to another country?

Game starts at around 3:38 our time.

Yet m friend, who is a driver for UPS, had attended the last 3 Super Bowls the Chiefs played in with his wife. Not sure he’d do that if it were in London

According to google, average temps are between 40 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit and averages 9 days of rain

From the article:

The game would have to be played at night in London – 8:30 p.m. local time, hypothetically, which would be 3:30 p.m. ET and 12:30 p.m. on the West Coast.

That assumes the British would be dumb enough to take on those costs.

I am ok with that.

Good point, I don’t know the sport economics of the Brits.

Heard the best argument against this on sports radio.
England would never have the Premiere League Championship over here, so no SB over ther.

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If the owners in the Premier League were like the NFL owners and were only worried about increasing their revenue and thought they could make a lot more pounds by playing their championship game in the US, they would consider it.