Another bone-headed professional athlete throws an opportunity away

I wonder if this guy was mentored by Johnny Manziel.

Fined $40,000 for being at his girlfriends birthday party without a mask?
That shit is crazy.

Edit to add: Other articles show that he was frequenting strip clubs without a mask. A more egregious offense.

The NFL has Covid protocols in place, and Haskins violated them twice. An NFL team should expect more from its quarterback, who is expected to be the leader.

This was not the only incident either. There were others this year which seriously called into question his maturity and commitment. Here is a good column which was written prior to his release:

I get the strip club one, but the other violation is downright draconian.

Not a sport person but the value of the players justifies the fine. 40k. Imagine if a player got sick. Covid can damage the lungs. Average person wouldn’t even know. A professional athlete it could be career ending.

It’s all about the money

It was the second offense and there were strippers there too. And this is after the Broncos had to play a game with zero QBs. It’s not like it was a small gathering with his girlfriend.

Seems that he and Johnny Manziel need to have a chat.

This a case where the “Jeter Rule” would come into effect.
Leave your phone at the door.

Booger McFarland has an interesting take.

I don’t agree that it is limited to African-American quarterbacks. The article mentions Johnny Manziel and Ryan Leaf as similar busts who did not take being an NFL quarterback seriously.

This reminds me of this column that Jason Whitlock wrote about Vince Young prior to the 2006 NFL draft. Whitlock was spot-on in how Young’s career played out.

Whitlock used to be a really good reporter who was willing to make waves and take a contrary approach, especially in the black community.
IMO, in today’s world of “woke” sports journalists, he has taken it too far in the other direction.

And I have to wonder if Haskins might end up in the Lions’ Honolulu Blue and Silver.

Assuming they are willing to take a flyer on Haskins, the one team that I have heard mentioned as a possible destination that makes the most sense is Pittsburgh. Rothlesberger is getting up there in years, and Haskins could be groomed to be his successor. This assumes that Mike Tomlin would be willing to give Haskins a chance. Tomlin is not known for suffering fools, and he would have to be ready to give Haskins a second shot after his performance in DC.

Stafford could have been one of the best of his time. Instead, he has gotten the crap beat out of him for 12 seasons because the Lions never put a effective line in front of him or had a running back that could take some of the pressure off of him. He’s now showing that wear and tear. His backups are, on a very good day, mediocre. If Haskins can get his life in order, which may be possible but not probable, he could use Stafford’s last two seasons (assuming Stafford decides to play) to learn how to be an NFL QB. Whether or not the Lions are either that desperate or that patient is an open question.

If there were a coach that could get him to change directions it would be Tomlin. Pittsburgh would only sign him for a short term deal and let Tomlin try, if it doesn’t go well they can let him go.