And this is how Musk wins

Media Matters has been full of shit since its inception.
If this gets to a courtroom it will show that they falsified/manipulated data to create a false result.

Right…if I am not portrayed as he second coming of Christ, which I believe I am…then I’ll shut your ass down. I hate fucking thin skinned narcissists./

If a known POS organization that has been smearing people for decades with no repercussions comes after me with shit that they created out of manipulated data, I am going to hold them accountable through the legals system.

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and block them from belonging to my free speech platform


Feels like projection here.

Musk’s crime is not agreeing with you.

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musk sues people for printing lies, but in the name of “free speech” allows lies to be spread to a much larger audience, since “fact checking” means censorship.

Difference between lies and slander that causes damage to a person or company

So can an “X”…but I guess that’s a private individual and not a company so all is well and good. And where a million people might read a lie in media matters over the course of a month, a lie on “X” can be seen by tens of millions of people in less than an hour. A damaging lie is a damaging lie, and I find it disingenuous to sue one source when you OWN the biggest source of misinformation in the world.

Media matters literally put their slander on X.
Musk didn’t take it down, he is leaving it up to the courts to determine damages.

Why do you think it is ok to slander certain people for the sole purpose of causing them financial harm?

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