And in other news…

There likely will never be a documented slamdunk on the origin of Covid-19, but this study appears to be at least a “nothing but net” 3-pointer at the moment.

I logged this under “Health”, but I fully expect it to turn political in a heartbeat… kerthunk, kerthunk, kerthunk.

NPR. Fake news.

It’s possible but it’s also a non-peer article.

China has destroyed and hid evidence. Most likely we will never know the true origins.

The “research” is loaded with supposition and very light on facts and data.
Many people who study actual data have basically said the “research” sheds zero new light.

To be fair, the “research” has been published in numerous outlets.

Many people would be “who”. Your evidence is so overwhelming, kinda like “people are saying…”.

Damn, I thought I might be able to slip this one by. :innocent:

i actually started a thread on it already