And in other news…water is wet

But remember. We shut down gyms, chained off playgrounds, filled skate parks with sand .

We did what the “experts “ said we should do.

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Why do we appeal to authority and use groupthink and peer pressure instead of respecting individual assertions, liberty, and autonomy: we give up our independence to the collective at our peril

NOt sure if you noticed in your area, but in the Ward Parkway and Brookside area, neighborhood streets were closed to car traffic and a lot of people were walking or biking.

There’s an old saying “err on the side of caution.”

Which would have been fine to a certain degree and until data showed how wrong they were.

Covid was identified in early January and lock downs started on St Patricks day and lasted about a month or so. I’m not sure we knew enough that time to pooh pooh everything.

A year later a restaurant was shut down here for not enforcing an idiotic mask mandate.

You know, I’m not one who ordinarily questions a business person, but if it were my livlihood and the only restriction the government was placing on me was that people had to wear a mask to come it…I might think it was a stupid idea, but I’d ask patrons to wear a mask while I wrote letters and made calls to city/county/state officials to change the law. But if they would rather have their business shut down, I guess that’s on them. Then again…we made masks such a damned issue that we had people shuttering their businesses to “make a statement”. The only one they hurt was themselves.

With Democrats, it is translated, “Err on the side of eliminating liberties.”

That’s was the Golden age of selling your used exercise equipment on Marketplace, people were getting double what they paid for exercise equipment that’s been sitting in their basement for years.

As long as The Party endorses it, we can eliminate any liberties.

The Party will tell us if those liberties are important or if they are just being used by white supremacists to hurt good people’s feelers.

I got real lucky.
I bought an elliptical that someone had left in a house they sold. The new owner didn’t want it but didn’t want to move the huge thing.
I got my son and a buddy to move it and picked it up for about 1/4 of what it would go brand new.

Great if it worked. Many times they are left behind because they are broken.