An Era of Baseball is Passing

After we moved to New Mexico, we met a pair of great ladies who lived nearby. We became friends and spent some time together, often drinking more wine than any of us should have. They were both PhDs in Phys Ed and had taught at Univ of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The real treat for me was talking baseball with them because they had both played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. After its origins in 1943, the league lasted until 1953.

Corinne ‘Corky’ Clark played only one season. She had some health issues and died at 83 in 2006. She had chaired the PhysEd at UW-W. By coincidence, my parents had met Corky’s sister at a computer class and we later met her.

Kathryn ‘Kate’ Vonderau played 8 seasons in the league, until it folded. She was a catcher and her knees paid the price later. She moved near relatives in Washington about 10 years ago, but we stayed in touch. We just learned she died last year at 94.

They had stayed in contact with the women they had played with and against. They went Cooperstown for the grand opening of the exhibit of their league. I have their baseball cards which are pictured in the links. They were a couple of grand ladies and we miss them.