Amy nails it on tipping

I had posted about this earlier.

Amy got a follow-up letter on the subject, and she nails it almost perfectly in her reply. My only issue is her saying that tipping has gone “a little” haywire. There is no “little” about it.

DEAR AMY: “Confused Mother-of-the-Bride” asked about tipping a sales associate for the purchase of a bridal gown.

I own a bridal store. Our store, as most do, gives the bride an option to tip the stylist at the time of checkout.

This is a service-based industry. We by no means push the client to tip the stylist.

Over the past few years, it has become more customary for the stylist to receive a tip. Many do still receive a commission.

As a server who receives a tip for good service, so should a good stylist.

We provide a unique, memorable experience for our brides.

Did you reach out to any bridal stores before answering that question?

– Bridal Store Owners

DEAR OWNERS: I did not reach out to bridal stores, but I did research recent bridal trends via a popular wedding website, and the consensus among brides was that tipping for a gown purchase should not be compulsory.

My theory is that the tipping option that gained strength during the pandemic is now included in sales software, so it automatically pops up when a sale is completed.

There are other unique, memorable, and important purchases: for instance, buying a first car or home. Should those sales people also receive a tip?

I believe our culture of tipping has gone a little haywire.

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