Amazon Visa 10% cash rebate on gas purchases for October - December 2022

Did anybody else with the Amazon Visa get this promotion? This means the PenFed Visa will be put away during this time.

The Amazon Visa ran another promotion this summer too with 5% back on restaurant and home improvement store purchases. A few years ago they had a promotion with 4% back on everything. Their periodic promotions can be nice.

That’s pretty good, the Costco Visa is only 4% on gas. If I weren’t so lazy I’d get a couple cards to take advantage of the different savings, interest rates don’t matter since we pay the balance every month. I remember the PenFed card used to be great, what is the rebate now?

The Discover card is 5% back on Amazon purchases October-December. I’ve been compiling a list of needed items for the RV and starting to buy it now.

How were you notified?

I do not carry that card… just entered the number in my Amazon Account and done. I will need to reconsider.

Sounds like I am not alone… they need reasons to carry the card.

By e-mail.

Just curious, but wouldn’t the higher rebates for Amazon purchases make it worth it? As I recall, you said you use Amazon a lot.

They have had that promo for the 4th quarter for the past few years. You can also use your Discover rebate balance to pay on Amazon any time (but don’t do it this quarter).

With amazon, I just needed to enter the card info once as the default card on my account.
No need to carry it around in my wallet as I do not use it elsewhere.

Of course that could change. I do nor recall seeing that email.

I get something “FREE” every month or two.
Wile buys a lot of health products from Amazon.
That 5% adds up fast.

No notification here. Remember this is a Chase card.

From dealing with them a few days ago to attempt to get a marvelous kickback ($600) for opening checking and savings accounts, I am very dubious. Their conditions were unacceptable. I’m relegating their cards to occasional use.

IT must be a California thing. I have an Amazon Visa and never got an email, but the only specails they show are for Shake Shack, Paneras, Omaha Steaks and AT&T fiber