Amazon cell service

Anyone thinking of trying them?

Mint and Visible have similar pricing but more data.

Nope. I think it is postpaid. Paying the bill each month is fine, but running my credit is not. Like many, they want you to be in hock for a > $1000 “little bit a month” handset so they must run your credit.

I managed to move to Commie Cast without handing out my socialist number. Took a) Supplying my own phone and b) A call to support asking why I could not activate the sim card they sent. It works for me – the bill is $15/mo plus tax, and provides unlimited talk and text plus a gigabyte of data. Just takes a bit of care as I keep it off except when I need it. Private wifi is free of course, as is Xfinity wifi and even spectrum I noted today! If I screw up and go over it will be another 15 smackers.

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