Alzheimer's poetry

Ever wonder what Alzheimer’s feels like for the patient? I tried to write about it from my wife’s point of view a few years ago. I can share that some other time, if anyone is interested.

But here it is, in her own words. This is from about a year before her diagnosis. I only found it a few months ago and with a friend’s help, found an outlet for it.

Amazingly I didn’t cry when reading it.
Maybe you should publish a book of her/your poems and donate the proceeds to charity.

Not enough for a book , but I’ve been working on a memoir, and will likely include it. Likely only caregivers will want to read it, not fun stuff.

Maybe not fun, but necessary.

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Sorry for your loss.

Similar results can sometimes be caused by other diseases.

One of the last times I saw my mother she asked me who I was.

She died of metastatic melanoma.

Very sad. How old was she when diagnosed in 2014?


Sorry for your loss, My mother in law had Alzheimer’s Disease so I know how horrible it is.

Thank you.

When my mother in law had Alzheimer’s it became difficult to manage her care when we both worked since we were living in Connecticut and she was living in Florida. So we decided that I would retire much earlier than planned so I could travel back and forth to Florida more easily. She then went through three phases - living in her own condo with an aide, living in an assistant living facility that specialized in dementia, and a nursing home.

While she was still living at home I noticed a leak in her air conditioning during one of my visits and discussed with the aide how we were going to coordinate having it repaired since it was a weekend and I was flying back to Connecticut the following day. To my surprise, my mother in law told the aide that my husband was the one who was actually her child but she didn’t know what she would do without me because I take care of everything for her. That night when I called me husband from Florida he jokingly commented that if his mother said that than she really has dementia :grinning:

I’m part of a number of dementia FB groups. It was brutal caring for my wife with still a young son and me still working, then the pandemic. But others have different challenge, like you mention, the distance, caring for loved ones who are combative or with whom they already had difficult relationships. Imagine caring for someone who has hated you for your whole life.

Could have put this is sports, but seems appropriate here;

I hadn’t heard of his diagnosis. We used to enjoy beating him every year.

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