Alternate Headline!

“Herschel Walker Officially Proves he is Smarter than Obama”

I was kinda disappointed that my old state chose to elect Walker to compete with Warnock. It does eliminate the tried and true DNC strategy of playing the race card…but there were better choices on the Republican ticket. I am not really confident that Walker is electable…

He’s a trump sycophant but will likely win based on name recognition alone and the backlash against any Dem in office. Otherwise GA is voting against trump endorsees (is that a word?) in droves.

And I do like how Herschel is single handedly trying to reverse americas negative birth rate. Though he should acknowledge his kids without being asked if he does.

That’s the least stupid thing he has said recently.

I anxiously await the Obama 57 states comments in 3…2…1…

Too late, that is literally the subject of the thread.

I think that honor belongs to Nick Cannon…

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