Alternate headline

“Rand Paul believes in Science”

The science says he has some immunity. It’s not completely clear how long that lasts. The science also says that the vaccines are safe and effective and he’d likely have more immunity with a vaccine, and if he’s having any lingering effects, the vaccine might help him.

The studies are varied, some studies are showing that there is a greater amount of immunity in those that have tested positive than those that have had the vaccine.
The headline makes him look like an anti-vaxxer when in reality he is relying on science, just not what Fauci says.

That’s because it’s from The Huffer and on Yahoo.

Well, there’s this, from 2019:

From the article.

“Paul (R-Ky.), a doctor, said he and his children are vaccinated and that he believes the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks.”

Read past the headline.

And… he’s still feeding into anti-vaxxer nonsense. Maybe he’s just feeding his version of libertarianism, which pretends the individual is everything and no one else matters even if you give them a deadly disease. Still toxic and unscientific.

He is a libertarian, a little too far in his beliefs than me, but his stance has not waivered and is in line with all of his beliefs.