Almost lost an eye

Got whacked by a tree limb while on my tractor. My eyeball took a direct hit. It hurts but dr said it should heal up in a couple days. I have a contact bandaid on my eye. It feels alot better after the dr sanded my eyeball and put the bandaid on.

Don’t screw around. If it doesn’t feel right or seems worse go back to the doctor.

Eyes heal quickly when is good. What is bad, they can have issues if you don’t treat quickly

I have follow-up tomorrow morning and then again on Monday. Im taking it seriously. I considered going to ER last night but there is nothing they would have done except told me to go see an optometrists. I called some that have emergency services and left a message but they didn’t return my call. The place I went to today said they have after hours emergency services. Good to know for the future. Part of my problem is I am not a patient of any clinic until today. The last time I went to the eye Dr was about 15 years ago after I got Lasik. Maybe I should go for checkups. Not having any dr/patient relationship probably prohibited me from finding a dr last night.

Literally a friend of mine just had an eye emergency.
He got a small fleck of metal in his eye, the ER could do nothing.
Finally got a specialist and they drilled (yes, drilled) into his eye to remove it.

They have on-call ophthalmologists in hospitals.

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