Alarm Grid

Does anyone know anything about Alarm Grid. I have been using the same Security Company for over 20 years. When they first installed my equipment they made me sign a three year agreement to monitor it but then allowed me continue with their monitoring services without a contract. However, when I needed to upgrade my system a few years ago so it will work with a digital connection instead of a land line they made me sign another three year contract which recently expired.

Now they are monitoring my system without a contract but with a substantial increase in price and told me the only way they could lower it is if I signed another contract, which I don’t want to do.

Now I am looking for a company that will monitor my existing equipment without a contract. The problem I am experiencing is that most of the companies I spoke with will only monitor their own equipment or require a contract. Alarm Grid is willing to monitor my equipment for much less than I am paying now but I am concerned that they are in Florida. They told me that is not a problem because they monitor security systems all over the country and one of their techs could tell me what to do to my current equipment to change the source of the monitoring.

If you aren’t familiar with Alarm Grid, do you know of any other company that will monitor a property’s existing home security system without a contract?

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