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I bought an air fryer last week from Costco ($50) and I don’t see the attraction. A few people I know said they love theirs and use them all the time, it works fine but is basically a small convection oven with a timer. Am I missing something?

Not a game changer, but I use mine quite a bit for smaller things.
It comes in handy

Our new range has an air fryer function. Turns out you have to spend an extra $100 or so for a special tray. I haven’t tried yet.

That’s my understanding. It’s a small conv oven.

In an air fryer the food sits up a little bit so it is cooked all around.
Costco sells chicken nuggets that are basically Chic fil a and it cooks them perfectly.
I have also done a steak in mine and it turned out pretty good (not as good as grilling, but still good).

Take a cookie sheet. Put a rack on it. Place food on rack.

The Just Bare chicken nuggets.

Yep, you can buy the chic fil a sauce at Hy vee

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Same here. We bought a new range with Air Fryer. It appears I will need a wire like basket and a tray to catch drippings. Had it 6 months and haven’t used it yet. Before I spend $100 I believe I will buy a small separate Air Fryer.

Makes great hash browns.

pre made or homemade?

Didn’t even know there was such a thing as pre made. Of course my wife absolutely refuses to ever use a cake mix. Always home made. Cut the potatoes into 1/2" to 1" chunks. a little coating of oil. About 11 minutes, take out and shake the basket around, 11 more minutes. Season to taste. Absolutely great.

I am somewhat of a fried potato savant in my house, I will have to try this.
Just made corned beef hash last night for dinner, wife and son loved it, I had two over easy eggs on top (they hate eggs).

She just washes the potatoes and leaves the peeling on. Adds a little good, to me anyway, taste.

I like the skin on, wife does not, guess which way I cook them?

Did sweet potato fries in mine last night.
Hard to get those crispy but the air fryer did awesome.


Good to know, one of my favorites. Homemade or store bought and did you spray with oil before cooking?

I tried making pot stickers in the air fryer, it was a failure. Much better steamed and pan fried. Mozzarella sticks, mini quiches and a few other appetizers came out great.

Store bought, just dumped them in, cooked for half the recommended time, shook the drawer, and then cooked for about 2-3 minutes less than it said to cook.

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