Advice on a truck I ordered

I ordered a Ram 3500 dually and it’s at the dealership. Problem is, the rear fender got badly scratched taking it off the truck. It will be repaired but I wonder what kind of compensation should I seek or if I should even take delivery. The deal I worked out is 13% off msrp and I’m happy with that price but not with the damage. And I’m curious if this will show up on a Carfax when I go to sell the truck.

Probably won’t show up on Carfax, the dealer will repair it in house and I doubt it will be reported.

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Even if it does show up, a big, heavy duty truck that has had a fender repaired will not really affect the value down the road.

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Hopefully its a diesel? Have you owned diesel truck before? If not get ready for expensive maintenance and repair bills.

It’s got the HO 6.7L Cummins.

Think I may pass on this truck. Found a 2021 with a higher trim level and options for 65K. This truck is 83K. Just wondering if I can get my $1000 non refundable deposit. Should be refundable since they damaged my truck.

Looks for a Ford SD with 7.3 HO. It has 1200 ft# of torque and rated to pull nearly 40,000#.