Advice for a certain couple of posters

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Why would footage of a bunch of peaceful protesters who were no more violent than a group of school kids on a field trip cause us to worry? I don’t think it’s the footage that does that…it’s the depressing reality that so many think nothing of it and feel that a BLM riot was worse.

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I am just passing along advice that I found from a reputable source.

I remember watching the riot and for the most part it was oddly Calm.

Yes there was some real rioting but even cnn focused on the weird people strolling through the capital.

This violent attack rivals that of pearl harbor and 9/11. These domestic terrorists nearly destroyed this country with their bison horns and spears. Just imagine what would have happened if they were armed with their AR15’s.

Did Kamila Harris hack your account?

Just imagine if Kyle had shown up