Actors and Singers

Anka and Avalon are in their 80s and still performing. Pat Boone is still going at 90+, Annette and Bob Denver died at 70, and Edd Byrnes in his late 80s.

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Does anyone recognize this actor who was a main character in a TV series during the fifties.

Eddie Haskel?
I don’t know his real name

No it is someone else.

The wavy hair makes me think James Arness of gunsmoke?

It was a sitcom not a western

Another hint - This TV show was originally a skit within a variety show before it became a sitcom in the fifties. That variety show is the name of another actor in this sitcom

George Burns?

The actor in that photo is Art Carney who played the role of Ed Norton in the TV sitcom The Honeymooners