Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay

I can’t say that I blame him for being frustrated at this point in his career. First, the Packers drafted his heir apparent instead of a position player such as wide receiver that could have helped the Packers immediately last year. Then, Matt LaFleur kicked the field goal late in the game instead of going for the game-tying touchdown. Rodgers no doubt realizes that he is on the back-end of his career and can that his window won’t be open indefinitely.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Interesting timing too.

One thing I know. I’d love to be the GM of the Falcons this year. If you really LOVE one of the remaining QBs, you get your guy for the future. If not, you hold up some team for a buttload of picks.

I think a lot of this is timing, I think he loves being a giant fish in a tiny pond and GB has been good to him. I think Rodgers wouldn’t flourish anywhere else but you can’t blame him for angling for a bigger contract.

Hmmm…I think the conventional wisdom on Rodgers is nearly the opposite. He won one SB, but overall, GB hasn’t sufficiently capitalized on his talent. He’s been a top 3 QB in the league for most of his career without that much to show for it.

@mcarley word in KC is he might be going to Denver

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I mentioned in another thread that Rodgers never one anything after he signed a king-sized contract that ate up a big chunk of the salary cap and didn’t leave much for a supporting cast. The same thing happened with Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.

The Bills are about to give Josh Allen a king-sized deal and will face the same situation.

Maybe, but rumors aren’t worth much these days.

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady was the king of making sure his contract didn’t handicap the team.
Machines in KC appears to be mirroring Brady.

And of course, the Falcons did neither.

Which is smart. While some people want to make as much as they can, it’s hard to get onto a super bowl dynasty team. Mahommes would be smart to follow Brady’s lead. I mean it probably is better to make 3-5 million and win a super bowl(s) than it is to get 20 million and never win because your can’t build talent

Denver picked, looks like he isn’t going there

The supposed run on QBs hasn’t materialized after the first three picks.

I think scouts may consider Jones and Fields “system” QB’s and not worth the risk