A question for the Atlanta members of this group

My daughter and son-in-law, who live in a suburb of Atlanta, want me to move there. While the thought of living close to my daughter’s family is very appealing, I am concerned that it would be difficult for a widow of my age to move to a place where I wouldn’t know anybody except for my daughter’s family and their friends. Especially, since I have a number of very good friends in Connecticut. They are telling me that there are a lot of very nice senior communities in the Atlantic area where I could easily meet people and have a lot to do.

Does anyone who lives in the Atlanta area have an opinion about this?

Based on the little that I know about you from these boards - i think you have something that will allow you to make new friends rather quickly - your love of Bridge. That should allow you to easily make friends. I know it would be tough to leave lifelong friends behind, But I think in the long run you might be happier closer to your daughter and her family. I did a quick google search for Jewish Senior Living in Atlanta and found this

Good luck in whatever you decide

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there are a ton of new senior living places around. You will have no problems finding a place. The weather is so much better

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Lots of over 55 subdivisions around and more going in. Seems most are gated communities.

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I would imagine you’d have a fairly easy time making friends and I agree that Bridge could be the way. The question is, how attached are you to those particular CT friends? And how often could you visit them?

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My gf is 43 and bought a ranch in an over 55 community. Her rationale is that she’d live there forever and a ranch means no steps. This is before she met me of course.

As far as Ms Maven, being close to family is more important than to friends in my opinion. You can make new friends but you can’t make new family.

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There are many Senior Living Places here.
I would look along GA 92 and Mansell road… most in that area are fairly new and some are large.
I have not visited any of them.

One of the ladies who plays at the Cobb Senior Center on Sandy Plains Road also plays at Roswell.
She is a good player.
You do not have to live in Cobb to play there.
Grandparents visiting for a month have come to play Bridge.

Have you considered living with your daughter for a month before deciding?

For Bridge the larger the facility the better…
You might call the Roswell Senior Center.
See what they offer.

Roswell Senior Center

Address: 1250 Warsaw Rd, Roswell, GA 30076

Phone: (404) 612-0710

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@PricePerformer - Thanks for all the excellent suggestions! My daughter’s family lives in Roswell. It is an excellent place to raise a family but she told me they also have a lot of very nice senior communities near where they live

We have a family friend that moved in to a over 55 community near us and they love it, it’s mostly single family homes priced from $275,000 to over $700,000 with some less less expensive town homes and duplexes. There’s huge club house with a restaurant, bar, golf, tennis, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, and a ton of clubs and groups to meet people and have fun. There are a lot of people there that also have a homes in Florida or Arizona for winter and have the home here to be near the kids and grand kids the rest of the year.

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