A prime example of how one's position can be totally opposite of himself depending on which side he is on

“No player should be victimized and discriminated against because of his exercise of free speech,” Derrick Johnson, the NAACP’s interim president and CEO said, via the AP .

“It’s time for Jack Del Rio to resign or be terminated,” Johnson said, via Pro Football Talk. “His comments could not have been more offensive and ignorant. The January 6th insurrection—* an attempted coup*—* was far from a ‘dust-up.’ Each day we learn more and more on just how close our democracy came to autocracy. Downplaying the insurrection by comparing it to nationwide protests, which were in response to a public lynching, is twisted. You can’t coach a majority Black team while turning your back on the Black community. It’s time for you to pack up and step off the field.”*

There is a twitter page dedicated to this type of thing.

Floyd was not a lynching. That’s overly inflammatory speech.

Jan 6th wasn’t a coup. It was a riot.

Both sides need to calm down and stop using overly inciting language.

Really good, nuanced article.

I conceptually agree. I suspect the amount of the fine was purposely selected for shock value. But, Del Rio has a contract paying $3.5 million plus incentives. $100K is less than 3% of that, so it is just a hard slap on the wrist. But, I also suspect there is contractual language that can be easily applied to justify the fine or maybe the amount, although I don’t like the way that Washington waved the fine around in public saying look how good we are. When one has a employment contract, it’s always important to understand what rights you are giving up in exchange for the money.

Advice many people ignore.