A novel approach to promote getting vaccinated

Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in the humor category. A little passive-aggressive. Not sure it will persuade any diehard antivaxers to take the shot.

I think it’s gonna take $$$ to get people to take the shot. Except the anti-vaxxers, they won’t get it for any reason.

I hear that it’s all the fault of the black community because so many of them are not vaccinated. They only make up 13%, but a majority of them aren’t vaccinated…therefore it’s NOT Trump supporters in rural America who are antivaxers…it’s the blacks… But one thing I haven’t seen in a lot of these anti vax mandate protests…black people.

But I believe that if the Pillow guy can get Trump reinstated and he calls for them to get vaccinated, the number of unvaccinated whites will drop dramatically. I know…he said at a rally in Alabama that they should get the shot…and he got BOOED. So to correct that he added “but you have your freedom”. It also tells me that all the pissing and moaning isn’t really about mandates…their God said they should get vaccinated…and they booed him. They don’t want that Biden vaccine.

Or it could also be seen as a tacky marketing technique.

A couple of months ago here in NC they had [2] 1 million dollar lotteries for those who would get the vaccine.

Don’t know how successful the vaccine campaign was.

Could be both.