A new friend

My daughter got a kitten a couple of weeks sooner than when she was ready - she’s going to a wedding out of town in a week and the people that had it weren’t able to keep it longer. So I said just bring it to my house so that he doesn’t get freaked out by being moved around every couple of days. He’s getting used to my place. I’m getting kind of used to him. Since I had to put my dog down, it’s been kind of lonely around the house. Since I ride my bike a lot, when I get back home, I’m pretty tired and I am just not up to daily walks with a dog. But cats are pretty chill…So I’m most likely going get one of my own. This little guy is only 7 weeks old, and I’ve only been around him about 3 hours, but now he’s curled up next to me on the sofa and he purrs all the time. Something about that is comforting. Hopefully the cat I get will purr like this one.


Just keep that one. Problem solved

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I never was a fan of cats growing up. I am allergic to some but not all cats so I just avoided them.

There was a stray/feral cat at my current house. We got him somewhat domesticated and he is an awesome cat! He is a fucking killing machine! He spends his day hunting anything that moves but his favorite is mice but also goes after pack rats, baby bunnies, birds, etc. Living in the sticks there is no shortage of mice. He has taken care of the mouse in the house problem we had when we first moved in. He has lived up to his name of “Death Ray”. It’s too bad my wife neutered him on our kitchen table because the world needs some baby Death Ray’s. Maybe I will clone him so he can live forever.

We had a second kitty (AKA Shitty Kitty) that he taught how to hunt. It was funny to watch. He brought in a mouse and took it to the bathroom. He turned it lose and kept guard to make sure it didn’t get away. The mouse tried to run away and he smacked it back into the arena to teach the kitten how to hunt and kill. I was witnessing this that looked something like a WWE fight to the death. My cats favorite is to eat the heads off and leave the body. Sometimes he will leave us some headless mice on the front porch. I reward him for this good behavior.

We heard rumors that he liked to play with the bobcats in the area. I dismissed it until I witnessed it for my self. Him and a bobcat 3 times his size were playing together.

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