A new day

I did our Monday bike ride today and we had 25 riders show up. That’s the most ever for a Monday ride. I’m the youngest rider at 63. With Covid, a lot of folks didn’t ride. They were older and somewhat higher risk. Now, all of us have had the vaccine. We carry masks in our bike bag in case any of the places we go might request that we wear one. We usually still eat and have coffee out on the patio, which works out much better than being indoors. It’s good to see so many old friends.

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Good to hear, how is your shoulder?

Considerably better. There is still a “knot” but it isn’t painful, but the pain that was crossing my shoulders and neck is pretty much gone. That chiropractor was amazing. I’m sold on that ART method.

This is part of our group this morning. There are a few more at tables to the right. IT’s good to be around that many fine people.

That’s fantastic KC. Wish you guys the best!

Glad to hear your arms doing better

Looks like a good time. I’m retiring in a couple years and I’ve got to find a group of mtb riders to ride and drink with. My main travel and ride buddy is 35 and about to marry and start a family it looks like…not good for me. I need to find a way to break that whole thing up.