A great weekend

I had Friday off and my son came home for Thanksgiving break and requested brisket so I obliged. His 21st birthday was last week so I told him he could have buddies over, it started with 8 and ended up with almost 30 including a few of his friends parents and several neighbors. The police even stopped by around 11 to say hi :grin:.

Saturday we played disc golf with a few of his buddies in the morning and went to lunch at our favorite burger bar in town and he ordered his first beer there, we’ve been taking him there since he was born. Saturday night we went to Ruth’s Chris and stopped at a couple different bars in town and ran into some old friends before heading home. My kid requested pork belly burnt end tacos today and I just put them on the smoker. Wednesday we’re heading up to our local bars huge Turkey Testicle Festival which is always fun and will be his first time.

It’s the simple things like spending time with people you care about that make life awesome and this has been a great weekend. As a bonus justice prevailed in the Rittenhouse trial and lefties are butt hurt about that, which makes me even a little happier.


That’s so awesome. My brother got married today so it’s been great and we’re adding two family members in December

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It was my birthday this weekend.

I spent the morning at a karate seminar and went to dinner at Japanese steakhouse.

Had a black couple at our table that had been married for 45 years.

It was a good weekend

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@Wintermute - Happy Birthday!

Thank you. The big 48

Congratulations. We’ve been to 4 weddings this year and had to send regrets to two. One positive about 2020 was fewer social obligations, I’m becoming more of a homebody.

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Happy Birthday! My wife, son and sister all had their birthdays last week.

BTW I thought you were older. Plan something big for your 50th birthday, then forget about how old you’re getting.

I cannot forget. I look into the mirror every morning and see my father looking back at me.


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