A fourth-grader walked to school to use its WiFi because he didn't have internet at home

A fourth grader in Roswell, New Mexico, has been walking to his elementary school to do his classwork over the building's WiFi because he didn't have internet access at home.

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Our school district has hot spots that students can take home if they don’t have home internet.

We’re also providing hotspts (thanks CARES $), but some community colleges have students coming to parking lots for that reason and they are making sure the wifi extends. Part of it is about wifi access, but it’s also about having a quiet place to work. We found that was a bigger issue than any of the technology problems students are facing during the pandemic. Too many distractions at home. We can address the technology better than we can the home situation.

Unavailability of broadband internet service is a serious problem here, and one that our governor and many politicians tend to ignore when ordering children to go to school online. Population density in much of the state has been insufficient to economically justify extension of services and it may require the state and local governments to establish service providers in those areas.

The pueblos have installed internet and wifi in their communities, and some have provided computers to their members, but those communities are more concentrated and many pueblos are flush (or were) with casino profits. The Navajo rez has a much lower population density. Stop at pretty much any fast food or other store parking lot in Shiprock or elsewhere and you’ll see cars full of folks using the local wifi.

A few years ago when I was working for the county, one of their plans was to have Wi-Fi all over the county. So that no matter where you were you would have Wi-Fi access. It was kind of a pie in the sky idea and costs were prohibitive so they didn’t do it.

Check out Chattanooga.

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