A face in the crowd

I saw this classic movie from 1957 last night. I wondered if I was the only one who saw something familiar, so I searched YouTube and came across this 4 minute clip.

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What a classic that was, and is. Pretty much of box office flop as I recall, among the finest films of that era. Outside of Andy Griffith I suspect few in the audience had much knowledge about the very talented Mathau, and Patricia Neal. As high school student at that time I was working at our small town theater at the time, and a lot of the audience seemed to keep waiting for Andy to be funny Andy… never happened. The best thing he ever did. His super talent was a bit wasted in later years, although he was pretty enjoyable in other roles I’ll admit. That film was way ahead of its time, but oh so prescient in retrospect. (BTW, I’ll admit that as a 17 year-old I probably didn’t appreciate just how good that film was and is. I guess it was in my pre-commie days).

Good video, but if you think that only describes one side of the aisle you are crazy.

While it’s true that both sides have it…which one is stronger…Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson? And they are only party who had actors as presidents - Reagan and Trump

Tucker is no longer on TV.
And how about the Cuomo brothers? Fredo was running interference for his brothers incompetence and harassment from the CNN studios.

To quote the right from not all that long ago…Fox News has a bigger audience than any network. And remember…Tucker and Sean were offering advice to Trump…he called them. Sure LOOKS like right adopeted the Face in the Crowd playbook.

Tucker may not be on TV anymore, but just before he got booted, his last duty for Fox was to review the January 6 tapes and declare them to be just a group of sightseers… What lefty president had daily phone calls with pundits? And what lefty president was basically another member of the morning news shows cast?

Hannity recently had Sean Penn on his show.
Would Maddow ever have Jason Aldean on her show?

And CNN and MSNBC tried to ruin the life of kids because of their political beliefs.

Chris Cuomo is now on News Nation.

How desperate are they for talent?

They have a number of people I recognize who used to be some place else. I have not watched any of them enough to make a judgment, but they be trying to hold to the center.

I read the comment sections on several clips of this movie, and I saw DJT mentioned several times and Hannity, Rush, Jones etc. a couple of times.

I saw it before Trump was president and I was reminded of Limbaugh. When Trump was in office and calling Fox and Friends, Hannity and Carlson on an almost daily basis, and when Hannity was basically at every campaign rally in 2020, I thought “wow”. Then to read what Carlson was saying behind his back I’m thinking…that’s Dusty Rhodes. Because the only person Cuomo “influenced” was Cuomo. But the Fox hosts might as well have been members of the white house staff.

And has bad as the Fox whores were/are, they might have been an improvement on some of Trump’s hanger-onners.

Um…what talent does Chris Cuomo possess?

When you cater to a certain crowd, you get the reaction you are looking for.

Being born into the Cuomo family.

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