9 out of 10 dead are Jabbed!

Would anybody care to explain why the covid so-called “vaccine” is still being pushed and even required, all the while it is killing people? Should it not be withdrawn, immediately?

Should the pushers not be tried for Crimes against Humanity?

Flatly false.

Can’t this all be in one thread?

I have 3 co-workers who’ve died and none were vaccinated. I know dozens who recovered from covid that were vaccinated, most recovered within a week and I’m not aware of lingering effects.

Without getting into whether or not the numbers are even real, we’ve already been through this math problem before.

We do know that a very small percentage of people still die, despite being vaccinated.
If 100% of people were vaccinated, 100% of covid deaths would be of people who were vaccinated.
My goodness, those vaccine pushers should be in prison!!

Today’s lesson…any numbers, without context, are meaningless.

The numbers are most likely true. It’s over a 4 week period. The vaccinated tend to be older and have more serious health issues.

So it’s not shocking people who are 90+ years old are dying who happen to be vaccinated.